TopSolid CAD/CAM Solutions

What Is TopSolid?

TopSolid is one of the world’s leading publishers of mechanical CAD and CAM software. Offering a fully integrated CAD/CAM solution, TopSolid is the ideal partner to your business.

What TopSolid Offers Your Business


TopSolid is a unique blend of innovation and technologies. Mathematics and geometry, mechanics and material science (metal, wood, sheet metal), IT top-quality ergonomics, and process engineering. How refreshing to have all this knowledge in a software package that is comprehensive, easy to use, robust and just natively awesome!

Business Expertise

Innovation is only justified by the benefits it produces. TopSolid is the essential embodiment of the knowledge of experts and the state of their art. The unbreakable bond between an innovative future and thousands of years of acquired know-how. Whether you are mechanic, die maker, sheet metal worker, carpenter, lathe operator, or welder … TopSolid will master your process.

Close To You

The team at TopSolid are in constant contact with experts in every trade and work with them to them closely. Through our network of branch offices and resellers, we are always there for you, and you can count on us to help you find solutions to your everyday problems.

Worldwide Network

France, Europe, Asia, the Americas, Australia… TopSolid customers are everywhere and together with TopSolid they talk, develop, collaborate and work together. TopSolid establishes contacts between them.

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