TopSolid Cam

TopSolid’Cam is a totally integrated CAM solution for virtually any form of a modern machine tool.

Today’s manufacturing departments are faced with increasingly complex machining operations: fitting and fixtures need to be viewed in three-dimensions, furthermore, they have to be combined for milling and turning processes. Machine simulation, collision checking, spindle synchronization, raw part updating and visualisation of material removal are indispensable for tool path programming.

TopSolid’Cam uses revolutionary technology to automate tool path creation with features such as automatically adjusting rapid planes to minimise rapid motion, to intelligent material removal techniques.

In TopSolid’Cam, you truly are machining on solids and leveraging the power of 3D model. In TopSolid’Cam, all you need to do is select the face that you want to machine. From there, TopSolid’Cam’s revolutionary topological analytics kicks in. It analyses the model and suggests the best machining strategy for you. The specific details of the area you are machining are automatically calculated by TopSolid’Cam as well.

With this revolutionary technology, you can save time and program more parts. Standard features include:

    • Machining of complex parts without putting unnecessary loads on the tool.
    • Fast and smooth finishing routines that automatically detect steep/shallow areas ensure a high quality finished part.
    • Re-roughing is standard, the ability to define areas where a previous tool(s) was unable to reach.
    • 3D feature recognition on any face constantly and automatically updated 3D stock during all the machining processes ensures that your machines do not cut thin-air.
    • Total simulation of the mcahine environment includiong jogs, fixtures, vices, chucks and tool holders eliminate the possibility of undetected colliosons.

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