About TopSolid

Topsolid may possibly be a new name to Australians, but it’s no newcomer to the CAD/CAM industry. The company has been developing CAD/CAM software for nearly 30 years (it was formerly known as Missler Software) and has grown to become the second largest CAD company in France and the 7th largest in the world. It boasts a user base well in excess of 28,000 companies and annual sales of 30m Euros, Over 65% of sales are now from the export market.

TopSolid is a fully integrated mechanical CAD/CAM solution which enables design and manufacturing data to be linked in a given environment for very diverse fields of mechanical engineering: machinery, plastic parts, tooling, sheet metal work, general mechanic design, etc. TopSolid is designed for all manufacturers and subcontractors that need to do major design work related to manufacturing, and to simulate and control part production very precisely. Specific solutions have been developed to meet the particular requirement of the specialised industries TopSolid’Design, TopSolid’Draft, TopSolid’Motion, TopSolid’Castor, TopSolid’Mold, TopSolid’Progress, TopSolid’Electrode, TopSolid’Cam, TopSolid’Wire, TopSolid’Fold, TopSolid’Punchcut and TopSolid’Wood.

3D CAD/CAM software has been around for many years now and its estimated that over half of the design and manufacturing done around the world today is completed using some form of 3D electronic data. So what are the real advantages of using a 3D system?

There are many hundreds of individual “feature” based advantages, however the overall benefit of 3D parametric solid modelling is the greatly increased productivity and versatility of the entire product development process. As a result of this single powerful tool, the user becomes more competitive by being able to respond quickly to clients demands which in turn speeds up the time to market. Quality is enhanced thus providing greater customer satisfaction and therefore increasing sales.

In quantifiable terms this typically results in product development times of around half of the time taken using simple 2D CAD tools.

TopSolid is sold in over 70 countries through a strong network of dedicated and highly competent dealers.

IDW CAD/CAM Solutions are proud to have been appointed as a TopSolid distributor for Australia.

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