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IDW CAD/CAM Solutions and TopSolid are your partners in manufacturing services and CAD/CAM systems.

Together we offer world-class software and service for solo engineers through to high-tech, large-scale manufacturing operations.

Although little known in Australia, TopSolid is one of the world’s leading publishers of CAD/CAM software. With more than 30 years of experience under its belt, TopSolid offers a fully integrated CAD/CAM solution. The TopSolid product range is fresh, comprehensive and unique on the market. There are modules to suit every need, all wrapped up in a PDM system to manage data securely and efficiently.

Discover the Power of TopSolid Products

TopSolid Design

TopSolid Design has unique capabilities including design optimisation using the built-in geometric solver. Tolerances can be included in the model, not just in the drawings. With our powerful “process” capability, components can be inserted into a design complete with modification requirements.

TopSolid CAM

TopSolid CAM is a totally integrated solution for virtually any form of modern machine tool. It uses revolutionary technology to automate tool path creation with features such as automatically adjusting rapid planes to minimise rapid motion, and intelligent material removal techniques. With this revolutionary technology, you can save time and program more parts.

Full Featured Stand-Alone CAD

  • Kinematic Simulation
  • Dynamic Simulation
  • Bills of Materials
  • Steel Structures
  • Realistic Rendering

Advanced CAM,
100% integrated with CAD

  • 2.5/3-axis Milling
  • 4/5-axis Milling
  • Accurate Kinematic Simulation
  • Impeller/Blade Machining
  • Cylinder Head Porting
  • Lead/Timing Screw Machining
  • Multifunction Mill/Turn
  • Swiss Turn
  • G-code Verification

We needed a robust design and machining package for our niche market manufacturing business. We had heard of TopSolid through word of mouth and explored that, as well as other options available in the marketplace. We were originally drawn to TopSolid because of the CAM options. As the software is not well known in Australia, we were skeptical but we went ahead and investigated it thoroughly. It’s a seamless, fully integrated package built for manufacturing and enables us to easily make adjustments at the machining stage. TopSolid is a package that pushes the boundaries of design and manufacturing. We got everything we needed and more from TopSolid and IDW CAD/CAM. The support we receive from Ian at IDW CAD/CAM is second-to-none. His breadth of industry knowledge and TopSolid Software has been invaluable to our business. He always makes himself available and has the answers to our questions. Purchasing TopSolid CAD/CAM was the best decision we made for our business. We haven’t looked back.


– Louise Ommundson

After trying different software packages over the years, I purchased TopSolid CAD/CAM. Other options I tried had great CAM, but the CAD was lacking, or vice-versa, plus some were difficult to use. TopSolid is powerful in its simplicity and it’s intuitive to use. One of the biggest bonuses in my opinion, is the ability to run simulation so I can see on screen if a design is going to work. It’s a feature that prevents expensive crashes. I can also update designs with ease. TopSolid has everything I need. It’s limitless, and can do anything I want it to do, from the simplest design through to the most complex, including micro-machining. In fact, it has abilities that other software packages don’t. Like anything, there was a learning curve during changeover. That’s where Ian’s skill and knowledge were very helpful. He understands both CAD and CAM and what I’m trying to achieve. Ian’s always available to give advice and technical help. I wish I had purchased TopSolid sooner.

– Wally Austin

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